Is it Worth Moving for a Job? 8 Questions to Ask…

Moving-For-A-JobWhether you get offered a job in another city out of the blue, or you’re specifically looking for one, moving for a job is a big decision that needs to be carefully thought out. Lately, more and more Americans are moving to different cities or even states to work. But, the challenges of relocating for a job remain the same. So, before you decide whether or not you should relocate to a new place, consider these questions:

Relocating JobHow will it help your long term career goals?

The first and most important thing to think about before moving for a job, or indeed, making any career move, is whether or not it helps with your long term career goals. Usually, relocating for work means a bigger paycheck and a better title. But even then, you need to ask yourself, whether or not the move will help you take your career in the direction you plan to go. Relocating for a job should never be just about the paycheck. Unless the new job prospect opens up greater opportunities for your career in the future, you might want to think again before relocating.

Will the company pay for your moving expenses?

Moving is usually pretty expensive. So, you need to know beforehand whether or not your company will take on the expenses for your relocation. Since most companies, pay partial or full cost of relocation, ask about it before you accept an offer, as you’ll be spending a lot of money, if that’s not the case. If your company will not pay for your move, make sure your increased income or opportunity is worth the personal expense.

Can you afford it?

Different places have different cost of living. Moving for a 20% increase in salary won’t be worth it, if the cost of living in the new city is 30% higher than the one you are living in. Make sure that you can afford to live in the new city, with relative comfort in the income you’ll be earning. Research and calculate the difference in the cost of living, between your current city and the new one, and compare it to the increase in income or opportunities. Make sure that the move is worth the effort.

What about your family?

If you’re young and single, moving to a new city for career prospects will be relatively easy. But, if you’re old, married or in a serious relationship, or have kids, there are other people you need to consider before making any decision. You have to think how the move will affect your family dynamics, your spouse’s career trajectory, your children’s education and their social support system.

What are you leaving behind?

While you might be gaining better career prospects through your move, you will also lose few things – namely your family, friends and social support structure. You need to think about how tight these ties are, before you decide to let them go. If your ties are loose, you might find it easier to get up and leave. But if that’s not the case, you need to consider the emotional impact of losing your social network, before accepting the job offer.

Can you get a similar job here?

You might be climbing up the career ladder with your current move, but is there a possibility that you can take a similar career leap in your current city? If, through a little more effort and persistence, you can get a similar leap in your career without moving, will you still want to leave? Think about that before you uproot yourself and your family and move halfway across the country.

Do you like this new city?

Every city has its own personality. New York is different from Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is different from Chicago, and so on. For you to be happy in a new city, your personalities need to be compatible with each other. If you’re not comfortable with your neighborhood and environment, you’ll be dissatisfied, and will want to move again.

Is it worth the risk?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to risk vs. reward. Will the rewards, you’ll reap from your new job, be worth the risk you take and everything you give up to relocate? If the increased income and future prospects are good enough and worth the sacrifices you’ll have to make, go ahead with the move and Bon Voyage!!

Relocating is a big decision. You’ll have to think carefully and consider every angle before you move. But if it’s the right thing to do for you, go ahead with the relocation and make the best out of it.