Moving is always tedious, time consuming and requires a lot of planning. One of the important aspects of relocation is packing. If this is your first time, then you better be careful because you have no idea how much things you will be needing to pack. Different items need different packing techniques because each item is made differently and functions differently. Below, there are some few tips for packing different kitchen items.

Materials required: Bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, corrugated cardboard sheets, sealable plastic bag, packing tape, Old blankets or towels, utility knife and scissors, markers, quality packing boxes (different sizes), tissue paper or clean newsprint, cell pack, acid-free paper

Pots and Pans

First of all, separate the items according to their size, shape, function and vulnerability to damage. Then, take out the boxes for each of the items. Tape the inner bottom layer of each boxes and place some crumpled papers on it. It will act as a cushion for the utensils. After that, wrap all the utensils with paper. The wrapped items can be packed in stacks in the boxes. Start with the largest one and place it first. Then, place the next largest one inside the first and repeat this. Other items like lids or lefts outs can be kept in other boxes. Remember to fill the empty spaces with paper and a layer of it on top of them before closing up. This way you can save time and boxes and safeguard all the items.

China items can also be packed in similar manner. However, pack them separately and it is always better to bubble wrap them before keeping in the boxes. China items are very expensive, so be more careful.


Cell pack and papers are the important materials needed while packing glassware/cups/mugs. The first procedure for packing these items is same as above. After categorizing, cushioning and wrapping, place a cell pack on it. Each item like glasses goes in each cell. This will prevent the items from colliding and breaking inside. When the first pack is filled, cover all of them with paper. Then place a cardboard on top of it and repeat the process. The final part is same as above.

Cutlery and Knives

Cutlery and Knives items are the least vulnerable to break which is comforting. The first and last part’s the same as above. While packing these kitchen wares, it’s good to do in bundles of 3-5. Stack the items on top of each other. Place the sharp side facing at one side and the blunt to the other and make sure to mark that on the box. Wrap each stack with paper. Use acid-free paper for the silverware to prevent it from discoloration. After that, they are ready to go inside the boxes.


These are some heavy machinery which require special care while packing them. First, make sure there’s nothing inside them and clean them too. Be careful while unplugging/dislodging them. After that, fill the space inside the machinery with paper. Wrap them with layers of papers, bubble wraps, plastics and blankets.Finally, keep them in the boxes carefully. It is always best to use the boxes that they came inside while you first bought them. Otherwise, find a box of appropriate size.

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