You don’t move every week. That’s why relocation is one of the most stressful events in your life. But, if you know few smart moving ideas, your move can be an adventure.

Smart Moving Ideas

Begin Early

Moving takes a lot of your time, we know that. Nothing will make your move more stressful than running out of time.

Our suggestion: start early and relocate at your own speed

Create a Moving Binder

Use a moving or relocation binder to maintain track of everything – all your receipts, your quotes, a checklist, important documents or your moving schedule.

Find the right mover

There is more than one way to move. Depending on the distance to your destination, the size of your move and your finances, you might choose to move, ask your friends or family to assist or hire a mover to do the job, either way, more hands make light work.

Cut Supply Cost

Don’t pack your towels, blankets or sheets. They can be used as padding between large items and for wrapping furniture and décor.

Wrap your fragile items in clothing to save on bubble wrap. Label everything

You might remember what is in each box now, but things get a little confusing after the relocation. Make sure to tag your boxes with what is inside them. This way, you don’t need to open every box to see what is inside.

Our suggestion; don’t just label your tops. Label all the sides of your boxes. This way, you will identify the boxes even if they are stacked.

Use Colors

Use different colored markers, stickers, or tape to label boxes for each room. Using colors makes it easy to spot boxes for a specific room even if they don’t stay together during the move.

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