It’s difficult to leave a place where you watched your kids grow and spent good chunk of your life.

That’s why when senior citizens have to move to a new place, relocation gets more stressful.

The decision to move itself is the most difficult step for senior citizens. Who would like to leave a home that symbolizes your past? However, the need to be closer to family and friends, change in lifestyle and retirement forces them to relocate.

Here are few tips that will help seniors have a hassle-free relocation experience.

Relocation tips for senior citizens

  • Find a reliable local moving company and book them at least a month before the moving day.
  • Start packing your stuffs few weeks before moving. Or, ask local moving company to pack your stuffs. While moving large appliances, ask the movers to take note of owner’s manual instructions for moving.
  • Disconnect your cable, internet and utilities few days before your move.
  • Stack dishes upward while packing.
  • Always use a packing paper. Use colored paper to pack small items. This way they will not get misplaced.
  • Use the original boxes to pack electronic items. Make sure to keep all the related cables in the same box.
  • Label your boxes, not only in top but on sides also. Make sure to write ‘This Side Up’ in boxes with fragile items.
  • Don’t just interlock the boxes. Make sure that you properly take them.
  • Pack important documents such as family records, insurance information, photo albums separately and keep them close to you.
  • Make sure that everything you are taking is packed a day before the move.

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