The fact that your kids are not mentally able to handle the emotional pressure of leaving their friends, school and home worsens your relocation. A good plan is always the key to successful relocation but when it comes to relocation with kids you might have to think out of the box and help your kids to overcome the stress of relocation.

Relocation with Kids – Help your child to settle

The first and probably the most important thing is to make your children familiar to your new neighborhood. Take them to nearby restaurants, museums, parks and other recreational areas. Let your kids shout “It’s good to be here”.

Motivate your children to make new friends and invite them to your house. I suggest you to throw up a party and invite your neighborhood. Not only your kids, you might also find some good friends.

Since children spend most of their day in their classroom, being in a new school with strangers is difficult for them. You must help your kids to quickly adapt to the new environment.

Sports and other recreational activities are important. Make it a priority to involve your kids with school sports team, club and extracurricular activities as soon as possible. This will not only help your child to make new friends but also will assist your child to adapt to a new school.

Make sure that kids are comfortable in their new room. Engaging them to video games is a good idea to lessen their stress of relocation. It will help them like their new room and will slow adapt to the surroundings.

Try maintaining your old routine. Make them feel that nothing is new except the place. Do not alter breakfast or dinner time not matter how busy you are. Keep on going outings with your kids like you used to go before. After all, it is just the house that is new not the parents.

Let your kids be in contact with their old friends. Encourage them to give a call, write email or letters. If possible, take them to their old friends twice a month until they get comfortable in the new neighborhood.

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