Before I start with my article, be informed that the first move or relocation is one of the most stressful events that you will ever face in your life; most stressful event only if you fail to plan it. Planning your relocation before few months is the key to a stress-free moving experience.

We have a small list of things to do six months before the relocation. And, always keep in mind that a good relocation plan can turn your relocation to an adventure from stress.

6 Months Before The Relocation

Gather all your personal paperwork such as driving licenses, employment references, and other credentials along with birth, adoption and marriage certificates.

Sharing your plan is a good way to reduce the stress of relocation. Share your ideas and plans with your family and friends. Also, consider talking to your employer about your migration plans. Ask them to give their input.

Get your finances in order, create a new bank account and minimize debts.

Talk to your children’s school about your relocation plans and ask them to prepare transfer certificates and other hand-over files.

4 Months Before The Relocation

Get quotes from relocation companies and book them because moving on your own is often a bad idea. Ask them to make arrangements for storage in secure facilities.

Open a new bank account in your new destination. Set up a trading account with a currency broker.

Give a formal notice to your employer and get your documents.

Sell any unwanted items of furniture and clear our cupboards. Clean and paint any garden tools and furniture you plan to take.

Get advice from your veterinary doctor on your pet’s health, if you are shipping one. Make sure that they are fully fit to travel.

Ask your doctor, dentist, optician to hand over your files.

3 Months Before The Relocation

Ask for the latest statement on any of your endowments, pensions, and investments.

Register your children in a new school and find ways that will help them to adapt to a new environment.

Depending on your tenancy agreement, provide notice to your landowner.

Make sure to book hotels or motets if you feel you need when you are traveling to your new residence.

This Is Not The End

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