Planning is the key to successful relocation. We always say that. If you start planning the move six months before, you will have an stress free relocation. Here is our second checklist on how to plan your relocation.

1 Month Ago

  • Cancel accounts for your cable, internet, telephone and other similar utilities
  • Give you new adders to your passport office, Pension Company and commercial bank
  • Book the movers and start packing your stuffs. Sell the left overs or unwanted items or give them to a charity shop.
  • Pay off any outstanding debts.
  • Redirect all your posts or mail to a friend or relative.

1 Week Ago

  • Cancel any newspaper, milk or any similar subscriptions.
  • Buy some currency for each destination if you are moving abroad.
  • Sell your car, bike, van or any other transport you won’t need. Cancel your car insurance.
  • Ensure that your belongings are on the way to your new address.

1 Day ago

  • Make sure that the transport to the airport is organized and will arrive in plenty of time for the flight.
  • Pack small gifts to amuse young children on the flight
  • Get a good sleep.

Settling in

  • Contact people back home to let them know that you have arrived safely.
  • Inform your new employer to confirm you have arrived.
  • Register your children at a local school and arrange to meet your children’s new teachers. Ensure that they are fine with the relocation.
  • Find a local doctor and dentist. Identify a reliable plumber, electrician and mechanic in you area.
  • Take a few days to get over the journey and explore the area.
  • Get a land line installed and set up internet access. Set up standing order for utilities.

Another important tip, moving on your own is a bad idea. Why take trouble and get stressed when there are movers to do the job for you? Make sure to hire a mover.

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