Relocation is not easy at all and when it comes to moving with bulky goods, things might get more difficult. Trust me, if you are planning to move heavy goods on your own, you may have to face the worst of relocation.

Our suggestion: hire local movers.

Why hire movers??

First thing, you do not have any clue on how to pack, what to pack and stuffs. But, movers do.

Second, you might get yourself hurt while lifting heavy goods. Movers are strong and trained to lift bulks, not you.

I have seen people who tried to relocate heavy stuff on their own (without research or consultation) and ended up with their worst relocation experience ever. Do you want that?

In this article, behold the tips for packing heavy items.

But, before I start, let me explain to you that planning is the key to a successful relocation. No matter how big or small is your move, a good moving plan or a moving checklist will change your relocation to an adventure.

How to pack heavy goods?

Before everything, find the best packing material for your goods. Cardboard is widely used for relocation but they might not always keep your goods safe. Bubble wraps are a bit expensive, but they are probably the best for cushioning. I also suggest you to consider using packing peanuts.

Next thing is wrapping. Make sure that you have wrapped all the packages well. Do not use thin masking or moving tapes for they will not hold heavy packages.

If you are packing kitchen items or fragile goods, don’t miss to write “This Side Up” on them.

Ensure your goods before the move. This will not fix your damage, but still, you can have some financial benefits.

Items about 80 lbs should be packed by moving companies.

If you have expensive items that you want to see in a single piece or without a scratch, leave the DIY thing and get a free quote from expert movers.