One of the first things to get damaged while you’re relocating is your fragile china. But, with the correct packing technique, you can make sure that grandma’s precious tea set arrives safely to your new home. You will never have to worry about buying new dishes every time you move. Here’s a step by step guide that will help you pack your china safely:

Start Early

You might think that you have enough time to pack your china properly, but that is not always the case. When you’re moving, something important always pops up at the last minute. So, start a few days earlier than you planned. It will allow you to pack everything properly and thoroughly enough to prevent any damage while moving.

Get the Right Boxes

Don’t use regular cardboard boxes while moving China. Ceramic pieces are often delicate and heavy and cardboard boxes are not strong enough to hold them. Special boxes called “dish barrel” should be used to pack delicate china.

Get Good Cushioning Material

When you’re packing delicate objects like china, cushioning is very important. There are several cushioning materials available in the market, such as cushion foam, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. But, if you want to save money on the materials, you can also use old newspapers instead.

Wrap each item individually

Wrap each and every piece of china carefully using either brown paper or bubble wrap. Make sure that every surface is completely covered and cushioned against any potential shock. You can also use old newspaper, but the print tends to transfer into the china so that you’ll have to clean it afterwards.

Put everything in the box

Start with a layer of cushioning in the bottom. You can either use cushion foam or simply add a few layers of old newspaper. Next, carefully arrange the wrapped items inside the box. Make the arrangement compact so that the china does not have much space to move.

Fill in the spaces

Fill the remaining gaps with more cushioning material. You can either use packing peanuts or tear up old newspapers and stuff it between the packed items.

Tape it shut

Finally, add a layer of cushioning above the packed items and tape the box shut. The packing of your delicate china is complete.

Follow these easy steps and your packing becomes as easy as pie, and your china remains undamaged even through bumpy rides.