Office relocation is a challenge; a challenge to move your entire inventory, employees and other stuff. Office or business relocation not only increases your business downtime but also adds mental stress to you and your employees.

Here are some effective office relocation tips that will ease the pressure of your move.

Hire a Mover

Moving your office on your own is almost impossible. We suggest you hire professional movers who can reduce both mental and physical stress of your relocation.

Gather your team

Assign tasks to staff to help coordinate different areas of the move. Have the team identify issues with the old space and provide possible solutions for the new office. Hose regular staff meetings to communicate and monitor progress.

IT and Communications

Set a schedule to relocate existing IT and telecoms- a specialized provider can help with equipment, connectivity and minimizing disruptions. Any changes in contact information should be relayed to clients, customers, and staff to avoid confusion.


Pre-order packaging and communicate with a relocation specialist in advance of the moving date. Brief your employees on the new space and their responsibilities during the transition.
Use it as a chance to de-clutter unwanted items. Dispose of old, unnecessary documents and equipment.

Your new office

Install furniture, work stations, and utilities and purchase new furnishing if necessary. Conduct thorough site inspection of your new premises and take photos of move-in-conditions.

A tidy desk equals a tidy mind. Hire cleaning services are must except with serviced offices where outgoings such as this are also included in your license fee.

Research utility providers to ensure bills are kept low and are cost-effective for your needs with serviced offices; utility bills are included within your license fee. Decorate with artwork and plants to provide a pleasant environment for employees and visitors.


Contents insurance policy will cover risks like theft, loss and fire, water and accidental damages. Compare quotes to ensure the right level of cover at the best cost.

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