Relocation With Kids

Kids and Moving – Effective Tips for Moving with Kids

Children and Moving

You may be looking your next move as an exciting opportunity to explore new challenges. But are your kids feeling the same?

Moving is a real trauma for kids. Most of the kids hate to relocate as they have to leave everything they love; their bedroom, school and friends. Let alone your kids, even you do not like to leave your home, neighbor, friends and office.

It is not the toddlers who are upset about the move. The concerned ones are the teenagers and elementary school-age child who find it really difficult to adapt to a new environment, go to a new school and find new friends.

Obviously, you will see some sobbing, crying and door whining after you tell your kids that they are going to relocate. Even if they do not overreact, you will feel them upset or depressed, no matter how hard they try to be happy about your decision.

The old school method of making your kids happy is not going to work this time. Trust me, a Disneyland ride or a ticket to ‘Star-Trek’ is not going to calm your kids down.

Luckily, once you start thinking different and sort what they are feeling, helping your children to relocate isn’t that hard. Here we have few important tips that will help families relocating with kids.

Tips for moving with kids

Give attention

Although there are a lot of ideas and tricks to minimize the effect of relocation on kids, giving them enough attention despite being busy with the move, is the most important one. You will be so busy with coordinating your next move that you will really forget your kids and their feelings. Make them feel that it is just the house they are leaving. Daddy, mommy, their siblings and all their stuffs are still with them.

Keep talking with them

Keep asking them how excited are they about the move. Do not presume how they are feeling. Show them the pros of relocation and let them know why things are happening. The more they know, the less anxious they will be. But, do not confuse them as it will only add up anxiety.

Honesty is always the best policy

Be honest with your children. Never hype a move saying that life will be better at the new place. This will only raise your kid’s expectation and disappoint them after the move.

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