Moving Mistakes

Is it the first time you’re moving? Moving to a new place and a new home is a tedious task itself, and it can be more tedious if you overlook a few of the aspects of the relocation process.

Perhaps you are getting a lot of moving tips and advice from your friends, family, and acquaintances, but most of them might not have told you about the moving mistakes you need to avoid. Read on, and learn about the most common moving mistakes people tend to make while moving. Be sure to avoid them.

1. Moving without professionals

Considering moving with just the help of your family and friends is a blunder. No matter how many people are helping, moving without professionals creates stress and chaos. Professional movers have the right training and materials to ensure a stress-free and seamless move. So, hiring a professional moving company helps you relax and avoid exhaustion when moving.

2. Selecting mover without researching

Have you thoroughly checked your moving company before hiring them? The most common mistake people make is that they fail to research their movers before committing to a contract. You don’t wish to commit the same mistake, do you? Check if the moving company is licensed under the concerned authority. And do not forget to check references.

3. Spending too much on boxes

Spending too much on buying the boxes and other items to pack is not a very good idea. Boxes and newspapers often come free of charge. So, instead of spending money on buying those items, spend a little time seeking and borrowing them.

4 Packing heavy items together in large boxes

You should never pack heavy items together, that too in large boxes. Carrying two or more heavy items together might cost your back and legs later. Heavier items should always go on smaller boxes so that it gets easy for you while carrying.

5. Packing non-movables

There are some items that your moving company will refuse to handle. Hazardous chemicals, flammable items, and sharp weapons are those termed ‘non-movables’ by the movers. Similarly, they do not handle heirlooms and expensive and irreplaceable items. So, move them safely by yourself, or you may ask professionals if they can help you pack them.

6. Leaving the boxes unlabeled

Labeling your boxes is a must. To avoid the hassle of searching items through each box after you arrive at your new home, label them thoroughly with the content on boxes. Do not forget to include the handling instructions and the destined room for the boxes. For your convenience, place similar items together.

7. Moving without measurements of your new residence

Make sure that you measure the clearance spaces in your new home before you move. People often measure the space to fit furniture in but tend to forget the measurement of clearance space. You don’t want to end up at your new home to find out that your furniture doesn’t fit through the door, do you?

8. Moving with unnecessary items

Stuffing everything you own into the boxes to move might seem the simplest way of packing. However, packing everything only creates stress and adds on to your moving expenses. So, try to cull your possessions. Keep aside the items that you won’t be moving, and see if they come in any use to your friends and family. You might also give away some items for charity, and for the rest- you can organize a garage sale.

9. Disrespecting your movers

Disrespecting your movers is the last thing you want to do while moving. Make sure you introduce yourself to every crew member. Making a good impression on your moving crew helps a lot. Providing some refreshment at times adds a cherry to the cake.

So, these are a few mistakes you sure want to avoid. Have a stress-free move!