Moving Supplies list

When it comes to your move, not only can be overwhelming, it can be expensive if you don’t plan properly for it. Organization and early planning mean the difference between a stressful move to a relatively stress-less move. It is important to prepare a moving checklist and also consider the moving supplies you will need as you pack and organize. It would also help you feel more in control and not suffocate you as you prepare for your move. Busy Bee Texas movers wants to provide a moving checklist that includes the moving supplies you need.

As you create your moving checklist, it might be a good idea to include these moving supplies to help you organize and pack.

Heavy-duty garbage bag

• Plastic bag
• Duct tape
• Paper & Pen
• Markers or sharpies
• Old newspaper or old ad papers.
• Bubble Wrap
• Packing tape
• Cardboard moving boxes

Busy Bee Texas Movers will be more than happy to provide more information or help with any question that you might have. We also have supplies to help you prepare such as moving blankets to help protect your property further.

Moving Checklist

As soon as you know that you are moving, reserve a moving company for your move such as Busy Bee Movers moving company. After purchasing your moving supplies, begin to clean out your closest, garage and attic. You can host a garage sale to sell your unwanted items or give them away to charity. Don’t forget your change of address forms from your local post office. Begin packing over time to reduce the amount of work, you will have on the day of your move. As your move draws nearer, make sure to schedule disconnect for your electricity, water, and gas. Don’t turn off your phone until after you move because you may still need it.

Busy Bee Texas Movers is committed to helping your move and making it as smooth as possible. Call us today for more information at 972-286-6099.