You don’t move once in every six months, do you? You don’t always pack your appliances, furniture and everything with you and move to a new house.

This is the reason why relocation is difficult. Moving is a stressful task that not only requires a high level of skill set but also energy and strength.

In this article, we have listed a few more moving checklist. I hope they will be useful for your move.

Council Tax

If you are moving to a more valuable house or to a different area, your payments may increase. Find out what your new council tax payments are from the local authority.

Mail Redirection

No matter how much you try, there is bound to be someone you forget to inform about the change of your address. Ensuring your mail is forwarded to your new address also helps prevent your personal details possibly falling into the hands of identity fraudsters.


Notifying both your landline and mobile phone providers is free. Contact your phone company at least two weeks before the move date to ensure the service is canceled at your old address.


You should be able to take over the existing supply at your new address simply by notifying the supplier, giving them a notice three or four weeks before your moving date. They might charge you if you need a reconnection, but it varies, depending on the circumstances and laws of the state.


Most electricity providers let you take over the supply without charging for the changeover. Let them know about a month before the move – failure to inform them in time means that they will charge you for providing electricity in your old home after you have left.

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