Moving Advice

Moving can be a tough job to do, especially alone. Luckily, we’ve taken a poll and found the top 5 tips that every mover in Dallas should follow.

1) Pack Smart – You should make sure to economize your space as best as possible. To prevent strain on your body, you should make sure that small boxes are for heavy things and large boxes are for lighter things. This is important because the more weight you spread out, the more strain it will cause your muscles.

2) Don’t Forget the Memorabilia – Take a good chunk of time to ensure that your memorabilia are safe. Make sure there are specially marked boxes of memorabilia and that they receive privileged moving. They ride in the backseat with the kids, not in the truck with the stuff.

3) Box or Bag? – When you are clearing out your bathroom and your fridge (hopefully in separate rooms), decide whether or not something gets packed or not. The toothpaste less than half filled probably belongs in the trash and not the box with the soaps. Also, depending on your journey, invest in a cooled bag for your frozen and refrigerated foods.

4) Watch for Dangerous Items – Several of your electronics contain extremely dangerous materials. When you are moving, lamps make sure that they have no bulb. Make sure thermometers are properly stored especially if they contain mercury, LED and LCD screens contain harmful radiating sources inside them and if there is damage done to the integrity of the screen, these products can leak.

5) Call a Moving Company – Once you realize all the tasks and work that need to be done. Call a moving company. Just call them and ask for a quote, give them a destination, potential layout hazards in the house such as stairs, give them a complete run down of what needs to be done. Listen to the price. The prices may surprise you and change your moving ordeal into a moving adventure.

Dallas Movers

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