Everyone gets excited about moving to a new place. But, whether it’s a new home or apartment, your first weeks will probably feel foreign and a little weird. Adjusting to the new environment can take some time but you can do some exciting events such as celebrating a birthday, planting a garden, or decorating for the holidays.

Here are some tips on how to make you a new house feel like home:

Color Your House

Paint the house with your favorite color and can tailor an entire room to your personality by filling in decorations that are red, orange and purple or whatever your favorite color might be. Using your favorite color, with some added personality, makes you feel like, you have been there for many years and brings a smile at your face every time you walk into the room.

Spend Your Time

Nowadays, people spend their full time at the office and use their home, a place to sleep for 6 hours only. This way you can’t grow the feelings of a safe harbor within your walls. If you’re never around your place won’t feel like a home at all. You have just made it a place to lay your head and hang your coat. Saying no to things in the outside world can be hard but sometimes it’s worth it for your home, peace, and comfort in the long run. The more you actually spend time using your place, the more it’ll feel like yours.

Do Some Redesign

Renovation of a new house can be a better idea after you’ve moved all your stuff. You can renovate by adding up your personalities in it which makes you feel like you haven’t been to a new place. Moreover, refinishing of wooden furniture is a perfect way to add character to a room. Even you can put your old plants in a decorative pot vase that brings a fresh new dose of energy to your house.

Make Your Place Smell Nice

Different people have different taste of smell. Pour some good smells as you like to make it feel like home. Sometimes, unwanted dust and wastages can make a place smell bad. So, be ready to do a little dusting and get rid of wastages.

Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

If you don’t want to feel alone, introduce yourself to neighbors, make new friends in this new neighborhood. Plan to have guests over in a few weeks. When we have friends or our family, it’s easy to spend time by simply talking or apologizing to them over things that didn’t go right. Spend your times with your family and don’t worry about the dust or the things that didn’t get done. The important thing is being able to let go off bad days and enjoy the present.

Make Yourself Comfortable

You can make yourself feel comfortable, by starting with the room and bedding. The first thing I would do after moving in will be clean my room and go for clean bedding. Nothing makes me feel cozier than my clean and warm bed.

If you have moved recently, and have more interesting ideas of making yourself comfortable at your new home, feel free to share with us in the comments below.