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What is local moving?

Your move is local if your new home, office or your destination is anywhere inside the 100-mile radius from your current location within the same state. Unlike international or long distance relocation, the rates of local moves are regulated by the Department of Transportation.

3 reasons to hire local movers in Texas

Their knowledge about the region

If you have done a little research to plan your relocation (if not, we suggest you start it right away), you might be aware that a moving company charges you a fixed hourly rate which also includes the driving time to reach your new place.

A mover who knows the shortest route to your destination will relocate you quicker than the one who is new to the area. They are full of smart relocation tricks. Besides, they also have enough knowledge on how to avoid high traffic areas. Also when the parking space is limited, they know the safest place to park their truck.

Ability to understand your requirements

Unlike local distance or international relocation agencies, local residential movers know what it takes to relocate in the area. They know the culture, trends, people, and business in the area and can relocate you accordingly.

Most accurate moving estimate

Long distance movers fail to give an accurate onsite estimate. When you call a relocation agency, they will send their expert to physically estimate a moving cost. Since long distance relocation agencies do not have a proper idea as to how far is the new place, how to reach there, how long does it take to reach there and so on, their final bill will rarely reflect their initial quote which is not professional at all.

But, a local relocation agency knows how far is the place, how to get there, how much does it cost to get there, they can offer you the most accurate estimate. Trust me, these small ideas will help you save a lot on your move.

Moving is not easy, but when you find an experienced moving company that offers customized service at flat rates, you moving process will be one of the most exciting events in your life. Here are few things that you should ask before hiring a local moving company.

5 things you should ask before hiring local moving companies

Are you a relocation company or just a broker?
Using a broker to find a mover might be a bad idea. Although they make your job easier by finding relocation companies, they do not free estimates and are not responsible for your damage during the move.

Do you offer a binding estimate?
A binding estimate is a quote which states that the move will not exceed a certain amount. Ask the mover to come to your place and give a binding quote. Quotes that are agreed through phone are not considered binding. Unprofessional agency hesitates to offer a binding estimate as their final bill will be bigger than their estimation.

Are my belongings insured?
Most of the professional local moving companies ensure your goods before relocating them. This way, you will be compensated if your goods are scratched, damaged or broken. Make sure that you hire the one who offers insurance service.

Do you have a storage facility?
You might have to store your goods temporarily if your new place is not yet ready to live. Ask the movers if they have good, secure facilities or storehouse where you can keep all your belongings.

How do I pay you?
Most movers accept cash as well as credit cards. We suggest you hire the one who accepts both as it will simplify the payment procedure.

Busy Bee Texas Movers – A Local Moving Company in Dallas, TX

With over two decades of relocation experience in Dallas and surrounding areas, Busy Bee Texas Movers is definitely the movers of your dream. We have a big team of experts who can offer you prompt residential moving service or corporate relocation service at very affordable rates. We are available 24/7 for your service. Get a free quote now.


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Navid O.
These guys are great. I have done 2 main moves with them. Brian is really nice. On my 2nd move, they moved our (1040 sqft) 1 bedroom apt from Plano to Houston. They are really dependable and on-time. Thumbs up for these guys. No hidden fees, Really fast and at the same time careful about your boxes. I will definitely ask him to help me in future if I want to move to California as well!