Moving out??? Have you planned it? If not, start it as soon as possible.

It is obvious that the first move is the most difficult one. The earlier you plan, the easier will be your relocation. If you need help or tips on planning, check our article on planning a move. You can also see our blog for more tips and things to do before relocation.

Like our previous blogs, this blog is not a list of tips or TTD (Things to Do) before relocation. This article is a list of trivia and interesting facts about relocation that you probably did not know.

Check the list below:

  • The number of Americans who move every year can scare you. 43 million!!! Would you believe that? It’s about three times the number of people who visit Disneyland in a year. Relocation must be a really good business, eh?
  • U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 30% of college and 35% of high school graduates move to another state within five years of graduation. If you are a graduate now, get prepared for a move.
  • Married couples between 25 to 44 years of age with one or two kids are the most common movers. Do you belong to this category?
  • Employee Relocation Council states that relocation is the third most stressful event in life following the death of loved ones and divorce.
  • Only 62% of Americans live in the state they were born.
  • 40% of relocation are job-related in America. 18% are government or military relocation and 42% move for personal reasons. Americans really love their job, don’t they?
  • Renters keep on moving. One-third of total renters in the States move each year.

The most interesting fact about relocation is that moving on your own costs you more than hiring a mover. Moving with a relocation company also is also stress-free if you could find the right one. Besides, they also will pack, unpack and reassemble your goods. So, be wise and hire a mover.

So, how was our small list of interesting facts about relocation? Wasn’t it interesting?