The day you will move and relocate to a new location is approaching near and near. Things are getting complicated; situation has gone DEFCON 3 in your house and things are getting closer to DEFCON 1. Your boxes are running out and items in your houses seem to be piling up as each box gets full. Every time you see the new drawers and cabinets, things get added that needs to be packed and stuffed properly.

As things get messier and complicated for you to pack, out of sheer frustration you might be getting hopeless. Moving out in time and getting all those stuffs out in time on your own now seems like an impossible task. So, how will you decide whether to call for a professional or just seek help from your friends? Before you jump to a conclusion, make your decision based on the following three factors.


The longer the mover, harder it gets, lot of things can go wrong with long distance relocation. Highly experienced professionals are the need of an hour for long distance moves.

While moving to a new city or a new state, things can turn out badly for you. If your truck is packed incorrectly, your stuffs can get damaged over that lengthy mile of distance. The truck that you have hired can break down, and that is a frustrating situation when you have a lot of distance to travel, still.

Moving companies have backup trucks for you and unloading your stuffs to the new truck will be done by the professionals in no time. You need not worry about things getting damaged.

Thus, if you are moving in to the new location very distant to your old one, always opt for a professional moving company.


Think of the time you have for moving to the new location. If you are moving locally, you need to assess the amount of time you need to spend on moving. If you have very less time to do so, experts can come handy.

A move that could take an expert professional moving company some hours can easily take non professionals all day to accomplish.

If you have a whole day or an entire weekend then you may save some money and approach some of your friends for help. There will be arguments over how to pack things and how to load on to the truck; your friends will take several breaks to complain or chat, but in the end you might save some bucks.

Your Possessions

Whether to hire a pro or just invite some friends to help you in moving mainly depends on what things you own. Moving is not just about carrying boxes. Thus, you need to carefully know what skills your friends’ posses and how can it come to your help.

If you don’t have lots of heavy or sensitive objects then you may not need a professional. If you have lots of furniture and other difficult to assemble parts and objects then you might want help of a professional moving company.

Next things you need to consider staircases. Stairs make a move a lot more challenging. So does large furniture, because non professionals get into trouble when they have to move large furniture through difficult doorways and staircases.

Consider a compromise, maybe?

If you are tight on the budget and additionally worried too about your friends breaking things, you might think of a compromise. Rather than paying for a full service, hire a professional for the worst, most grueling part.

Many pros are available to help you load a rental truck for less sum of money. Maybe you just need to ask for a friend’s help for unloading a truck. This way you may end up saving some money.