Moving is considered as a tedious job, but actually, the process of finding a good moving company is more terrifying. Doing a little research is worth it. It will provide you with long-term benefit without letting you pay a high price and prevent damage to your precious goods. Basically, moving company is meant to ease your stress and lighten the load but if you end up with bad movers, it will make things worse. To be clear, bad moving companies can turn simple relocation into a disaster very quickly.

Therefore, you may want to check out these moving company tips to warn yourself and get alert:

Comparatively Lower Price

Some of the companies have the tendency to attract customers with the lower price than their competitors. You may not want to fall for this trap; rather than going for cheap price, find a reason behind that lower-priced quote from a moving company. It is true, high price doesn’t guarantee a good experience but, a price which is too low also doesn’t feel too safe. Surely, everyone doesn’t want their items missing on moving day, or notice damage being caused to their belongings that the company will refuse to pay for.

High Deposit

It is typical for moving companies to charge a certain percentage of moving fees on the day of the move and the rest after you get your things delivered. But if a mover wants more upfront, then you may want to ring the bell on your mind and think there is something fishy behind it. According to the Peterson, “None should be above 10 percent of the job cost”. When you get over 10 percent, start to get alert. You may not want to pay it and regret in coming days.

No Address or Logo

Any reliable companies have their own proper logo, address and secured website and particularly office, from where they manage all their operations. Therefore, keep your eyes on their physical address and website. If you don’t find their address listed or movers are rented in an unmarked truck, it is a blinking red signal alerting you to seek help somewhere else.

Poor Estimates

Overall estimation based on the distance and the weight of your belongings needs to be made by the moving company before the move and you should be updated about it. If you are not getting this information upon your request, probably you may be charged with an excessive amount on the day of the move or once the move is over and you may not want to fall for this.

Poor Online Ranking

An online review is also one of the important factors of the image of any moving companies and it is available for many moving companies. Go for the online rating of the moving company you are going to hire. It is not possible to have only good reviews but if the number of bad reviews exceeds the number of good reviews, start to seek help elsewhere.

No Proof of License and Insurance

Any company is allowed to run only if it is properly insured and licensed otherwise they are seen as illegal ones. Upon your request, if they fail to show, either they are working out a license or they are here to steal from you. Therefore, it will be best if you look for a company who has their credentials.