5 Creative and Useful Housewarming Gifts

Well, you are excited to welcome your new neighbors already! But wait, have you planned on how to welcome them? A big smile and welcoming words would also do, but the idea of housewarming gifts sounds much welcoming, doesn’t it?

So, here are few ideas on what to offer as creative housewarming gifts that are not only creative but are useful too.

1. Handy Hamper

You can create a hamper for your new neighbors with a bucketful of useful tools and gifts. For instance, if someone has taken on a fixer-upper, a renovation hamper would be the best housewarming gift. You can include a bucket and array of helpful tools like paintbrushes, nails, sockets, or whatever they might need for renovation. You can put a different spin by creating a safety hamper with a first aid kit and a smoke alarm.

2. Edible Plants

Plants, of course, are popular gifts for a newly arrived neighbor, but they might languish during the chaos of moving. So, why not offer them a potted herb? The mint, thyme, and oregano will look lovely, last longer, and also taste great. A potted herb can add a classy touch to the kitchen and can make just about anything in the dinner taste terrific.

3. Welcome Mat

Though the days of old straw doormats are long gone, there still lives the tradition of welcome mats. They are used much as a style statement these days. Welcome mats are a fun and practical gift for any newly-moved or home.

4. IOU Cards

IOU Cards are the simplest way of offering help, and the cutest gift one can ever get after moving in. When people move to a new place, they often seek help. Whether it’s for moving or unpacking, looking after the kids, helping set kitchen, or just being there for moral support, they call for favors. So, you can either make or buy some artistic IOU cards for your new neighbors.

5. House History

If someone has bought an older property, or if they love the romance of the past, have a local area expert research or a professional historian create a history of the house for them. You can even try doing it yourself with the help of some historical resources. Like a family tree, you can gift them an album, frame, or a scroll that depicts the stories of the property they have purchased.

You can also present them with some gift cards or vouchers for restaurants that can give them a break during the chaos of moving.