12 Reasons to Move to Texas

Hey, Y’all!!! Greetings from Texas!!

To those folks outside the Lone Star State, Texas might seem like the land of the hillbillies that you need to avoid at all cost. But Texas is more than just a stereotypical caricature of ignorant rednecks. In fact, Texas is awesome. It is home to some of the fastest growing cities in America (all top 3 fastest growing cities in America, according to Forbes, are in Texas). And if you’re quick enough, you might get a slice of the huge pie that is Texas.

So, to honor the upcoming Texas Independence Day (March 2nd), here are all the reasons why you should move to Texas. So get movin’.

Low Taxes

Texas is one of the seven states that have no personal state income taxes. You take home what you earn. And it’s not just regular people that get a break from the taxes. Businesses and industries also pay little taxes compared to other states. The tax incentives are driving businesses to Texas at a rapid rate creating massive growth in the state’s economy. In fact, Texas is one of the least taxed states in America. According to a Tax Foundation research, only 5 states have lower individual tax burden than Texas. Ain’t it sweet?

Low Cost of Living

Not only do Texans pay less in taxes, but they also pay less for everything! Texas has one of the lowest costs of living in all of America. Food, gas, rent, utilities, health care; everything is cheaper in Texas. The kind of salary that will have you scraping by in New York or San Francisco will allow you to live comfortably and even buy a little house with white picket fences in Texas.

Less Regulations

Texans believe in personal freedom; live and let live. It has one of the most laissez-faire systems in the US. This law affects both individuals and businesses, who enjoy more freedom here than in most other states. No one can force you to join a union, or stop you from buying a gun in Texas. As long as you don’t bother somebody else, nobody will bother you.

Low Unemployment

As I mentioned before, Texas is one of the most rapidly growing states in America with businesses flocking in due to low taxes and regulations. As a result, there is a very low rate of unemployment among Texans. In fact, a lot of people from other states are coming to Texas in droves for the increasing job opportunities.

Affordable Real Estate

Texas is the biggest state in America (except for Alaska, but really? Who lives there?). So, with plenty of lands, the real estate in Texas is quite cheap. The construction costs in Texas are also pretty low. And due to low regulations, getting a permit, along with the entire process of home construction, is pretty quick too. So, if you’re looking for a place to stick that white picket fence, you’ll find no better state than Texas.

Low State Costs

While most states are still fumbling, trying to minimize costs, balance their books and stay afloat, Texas is thriving. The economic state of Texas has never been better, with businesses coming in droves from other states. In fact, instead of running low on money, Texas has a strong surplus budget.

Hot Weather and Cool Rivers

The weather here in Texas is awesome. You can enjoy the warm weather and work on your gorgeous tan all year round. If you love the sun, Texas is the state for you. And when it gets a little too hot for you, you can jump into the springs and rivers and swimming holes to cool off. The water is always just the right temperature for a good swim.

Awesome Food

There is nothing as good as good ole Southern food. Corndogs, grits, fried chicken, fried butter sticks, fried Oreos, fried everything, you can get it in Texas! After all, a little bit of extra calorie never hurts anyone. And if that is not enough, we have Tex Mex, the perfect combination of Texan and Mexican cuisine. Once you’ve had authentic Tex Mex, you can never go back. Texas is seriously heaven for food lovers. I mean, where else do you eat tacos for breakfast?

Good Schools

Texas is far from the land of the ignorant hicks that pop culture routinely portrays us as. In fact, Texas has great schools. Some of the world-class universities in America, like Rice University, the University of Texas, Baylor, and Texas A & M, are in Texas. The schools here are also pretty good. For instance, Texas outscored states like California, New York, and Florida in eighth-grade mathematics. And overall, Texans score pretty well on 4th and eighth-grade national tests.

Family Friendly Environment

Texas is a great place to raise your family. The people here are great. They are practical, unpretentious and down to earth. There are good schools around, the real estate is comparatively cheap, and the cost of living is low. You also don’t have to worry about not having a job as Texas is the fastest growing state right now. Honestly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t settle down in Texas. Who knows, you little tots might grow up to say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” like a proper Southerner.

Wide Open Spaces and Clean Air

As the second largest state in America, Texas has a lot of open spaces for you to get lost in. The air is always fresh and clean with no layers of smog to block out the warm sun. No longer will you have to suffer the tiny cramped up apartments of NYC when you move to Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes houses and open spaces.

Texans Stick to Texas

Texans, more than most Americans, don’t leave their home state. According to the Pews Research Center, Texas is the “stickiest” state with the least number of the population leaving or even wanting to leave. On the contrary, more people are actually coming to Texas from other states for job opportunities and more affordable living.