Why we are successful professional movers in Dallas!

professional movers

‘Busy bee movers is’ a very reliable and successful moving company in Dallas, TX. We have come a long way to this level with determination and hard work. Among numerous moving companies, coming atop is not an easy task. We have been serving Dallas and its surrounding area from years, relocating people without any hassles and obstacles. We offer services; local moving, apartment moving, delivery service, household moving, loading and unloading, military relocation and many other such services.  When you choose us for moving to a new place with all your belongings and household items, you will enjoy your relocating task as we will be there to handle everything if any tough situation is encountered.


‘Busy bee movers’ is a moving company that eases all your pressure and helps make the moving task very smooth. We have also made some discount offers to elderly people and teachers. Every customer that purchases our service, they are likely to get full satisfaction as we perform all lifting and moving tasks from the beginning to end. We will be working very hard to provide you the quality moving service in Dallas and its surrounding cities.


Alike every other company, we have our own story. We have faced many tough situations and stood up against numerous challenges. It has taken us a long time to come to this point. Anyway, success doesn’t come to you easy. A lot of hard work and our determination towards our goal has resulted in the success.


Have a look at these 5 features that made us a successful car renting company in Dallas.


  • Very responsive:

We have merely missed any customers that are approaching us. Whether it’s about phone calls or e-mail, we have always responded quickly.  You can call us quick-responder. It is also that we answer all the queries that people ask. We encourage customers to make confusion clear and ask any question that is troubling them in order to prevent any problem that may arise afterward. You can contact us to know about our offers, any inquiries, and anything relevant to our company.


  • Very affordable:

Affordability is another factor that lures thousands of customers every year to use our quality service. We have a very fair price compared to the quality of service that we offer our customers. We do the entire task from beginning to end when offering moving services to our clients.


  • Experience:

It plays a vital role in attracting many customers to use our service. We have our company full of experienced and skillful staffs that have worked for years. They all are very friendly professionals that you don’t need to have any second thoughts to work with them. At any rate, people prefer experiences in major fields.


  • Latest equipment:

We have updated our each equipment with latest models to make our move more effective. We have proper tools and gears, different types of lifters and boxes to increase speed and efficiency in our work rate. Thus, we can finish more task than any other moving companies. You don’t need to worry even a bit as we are here with all the required tools to make the moving easy and ease your tension.


  • Wide range of service:

We offer multiple services and that definitely attract a number of customers. Have a look at these.

  1. Relocation with kids
  2. Local Moving
  3. Military Relocation
  4. Apartment moving
  5. Delivery service
  6. Household moving
  7. Loading and unloading
  8. Big Scale Moving

I guess you need no explanation anymore.


These are the reasons why we have become one of the most preferred moving companies in Texas. Next time, if you need movers, you can contact us to use our quality service that is beyond compare to its neighbor moving companies.

Preparing for your Business Moving Services


What are Business Moving Services

Deciding to relocate your business is a monumental moment. New locations predicate new opportunities. Whether you are moving up and expanding or moving laterally and economizing, the moving process needs to be managed properly. If you are having doubts or questions about the process, it’s best to ask for help and hire some business moving services.

Let trained and certified movers escort your belongings for you. One of the best ways to take control of your business move is to outsource the moving process to experts in the field. However, just because the bulky move is being performed by someone else doesn’t mean that the situation is now devoid of your input. There are still some things that you can do to streamline this service.

Get Alert with These Signs of a Moving Company


Moving is considered as a tedious job, but actually, the process of finding a good moving company is more terrifying. Doing a little research is worth it. It will provide you long term benefit without letting you pay high price and prevent damage to your precious goods. Basically, moving company is meant to ease your stress and lighten the load but if you end up with bad movers, it will make things worse. To be clear, bad moving companies can turn simple relocation into a disaster very quickly.

Benefits of hiring movers


Moving itself can be stressful, just thinking about the things you need to move is a headache. You may be in impression that hiring movers is expensive but once you think about all the chores you won’t have to do and how easier it makes the move, it is quite cost-efficient. Many people do not have the slightest idea where to start while moving. All those packing and unpacking can be pretty boring. Hiring a moving company takes all those burden away from your shoulder and you will be able to make your move simpler and easier. Here are some of the benefits of hiring movers.

Moving Supplies


Busy Bee Movers Moving Supplies list

movingWhen it comes to your move, not only can be overwhelming, it can be expensive if you don’t plan properly for it. Organization and early planning mean the difference between a stressful move to a relatively stressless move. It is important to prepare a moving checklist and also consider the moving supplies you will need as you pack and organize. It would also help you feel more in control and not suffocate you as you prepare for your move. Busy Bee moving company wants to provide a moving checklist that includes the moving supplies you need.

As you create your moving checklist, it might be a good idea to include these moving supplies to help you organize and pack.

Heavy-duty garbage bag

• Plastic bag
• Duct tape
• Paper & Pen
• Markers or sharpies
• Old newspaper or old ad papers.
• Bubble Wrap
• Packing tape
• Cardboard moving boxes

Busy Bee Movers moving company will be more than happy to provide more information or help with any question that you might have. We also have supplies to help you prepare such as moving blankets to help protect your property further.

Moving Checklist

familymovingAs soon as you know that you are moving, reserve a moving company for your move such as Busy Bee Movers moving company. After purchasing your moving supplies, begin to clean out your closest, garage and attic. You can host a garage sale to sell your unwanted items or give them away to charity. Don’t forget your change of address forms from your local post office. Begin packing over time to reduce the amount of work, you will have on the day of your move. As your move draws nearer, make sure to schedule disconnect for your electricity, water, and gas. Don’t turn off your phone until after you move because you may still need it.

Busy Bee Movers is committed to helping your move and making it as smooth as possible. Call us today for more information at 972-286-6099.

Hire Movers or Ask Friends? 3 Ways to Decide Who’ll Get Packing


The day you will move and relocate to a new location is approaching near and near. Things are getting complicated; situation has gone DEFCON 3 in your house and things are getting closer to DEFCON 1. Your boxes are running out and items in your houses seem to be piling up as each box gets full. Every time you see the new drawers and cabinets, things get added that needs to be packed and stuffed properly.

As things get messier and complicated for you to pack, out of sheer frustration you might be getting hopeless. Moving out in time and getting all those stuffs out in time on your own now seems like an impossible task. So, how will you decide whether to call for a professional or just seek help from your friends? Before you jump to a conclusion, make your decision based on the following three factors.

Things to Consider when Moving to a new City


Before jumping into a pool you’ll want to stuck in your toe and check the water. A huge decision like moving to a new city needs thinking ahead. There are a number of considerations you need to make before and after making your big move.

1)    Before Moving, Go Check out Things First

Moving to another city is definitely a big change in your life. You need to be certain of the place that you will be spending the next phase of your life. If possible, use a few weeks or months of available vacation time to check out the new city and see if this is truly the place you’d like to live in. If you have a relative or a friend already living in there, you could stay at their home as a guest, or find a temporary sublet in the neighborhood you’re considering for your new residence.

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